Casting Expectations

PPAC's theatre programs provide each student a variety of roles to best prepare them for participation in Theatre in middle school, high school and beyond. 


We view all roles as having equal importance and expect parents and students to do the same.

Your child may receive one role or multiple roles in the production.  Additional roles (cameos) may be added during the course of rehearsals for students who demonstrate consistent preparedness and work ethic.

Upon receiving their role, students are expected to embrace their role and begin working diligently to make their role the best it can possibly be.  

Please do not expect that your child will receive a “lead” role because they had the “best” audition, have participated in many productions, “look the part,” or have received lead roles in the past.  We intentionally rotate our students through a variety of roles to broaden their experience and preparedness for long-term involvement in theatre. 

Do not gauge the importance of your child's role by the “line count.” Their role may include acting, singing, and choreography that does not bear the name of their role in the script.  Supporting and ensemble characters can be the most memorable actors in a musical   – IF – the actor puts forth their fullest enthusiasm and creativity. 

We recommend that you do not sympathize with disappointment over casting as doing so may be counterproductive to your child’s commitment to their current production and may set unrealistic expectations for their long-term involvement in theatre.  The ultimate outcome of your child’s role in this and future theatre productions depends entirely on what your child chooses to make of their role.